One of a kind designs that are refined, repurposed, and recycled.


I have been passionately devoted to “design” all of my life… as far back as I can remember. I spent a lot of time on my Grandmother’s farm breathing in sewing, embroidery, drying flowers, painting, quilting and all of the other “womanly” handcrafts. Grandma greatly influenced my vision of life and it shows to this day as I am drawn to breathe life back into vintage and antique items for a new look and purpose, as well as taking mind creations to reality.

Throughout my professional career I have always worked in some media of “design”. I received a degree in fashion design from a small institute in Atlanta and quickly put my education to work by opening a custom clothing design shop; as well as teaching sewing and modeling for Montgomery Wards.

For my next chapter in “design”, I moved into Commercial advertising, illustration and layout for a chain of seven clothing stores. Imagine, it was back in the day when the merchandise was brought to you for illustrating and then creating the ad layout, all by hand. Those were the days.

Then I explored graphic “design” at a local print shop owned and operated by The Frederick News Post, where I was the Production Manager for the artists and pressmen.

When it was time for a change of scenery “design” once again lead me to another realm and for the first time I created designs on a computer. Working for a large Arizona based Company I illustrated engraving patterns for special edition guns and headed up the advertising and graphic design departments.

Eighteen years ago, wanting to come “home” it was back to Frederick, where I started my own graphic and website design company (predominately working with Agricultural based companies), HDI Corporation. Whenever I wasn’t working for HDI, I used my time to pursue my “design” dream – the interior of my 1820 log farm house.

Finally in October 2016, I started Jen Re’ LLC, (recycle, repurpose, and refine) which has been a vision since my beginnings.

As an adult, vacation was always an opportunity to scour new territory and hunt for “found” objects to use in creative ways; odd pieces of things… like the old bedsprings and vintage umbrellas that I featured this past spring. The creative process always drives me to push way beyond what I think my physical and mental capabilities may be, and each new success gives me deep and abiding satisfaction.

My style is usually impelled by visions that wake me at 3 am; eclectic creations, each unique design inspiring the next. As Coco Chanel would say, classic design never goes out of style.

Also, will be posting in the store some very unique items that I have collected over the years, during traveling and living in different states. So please check back often, for a once in a life time chance.

Jenny Hankey